As part of our MYP Design course, Grade 9 have been learning how to design and create extraordinary food together. To day we created a wonderful 4 course meal in 45 minutes (and a great deal of work in advance). We building up to serving a full menu to VIP guests at the end of our unit…watch this space!

Sometimes my job is really tough!!!!!!!!

First course, a European starter, hot smoked salmon with edible sand, sea foam and quails eggs. Delicious!

The main course was from Asia, marinaded chicken, spiced rice, vegetable stir fry and crispy wontons… yummy!

For pudding, another Asian dish, mango mousse with fruit sauces (I guess you’re getting really hungry now!)

To finish off, we have a modern Middle Eastern dish, chocolate kunafa with pistachio and red fruit sauce, simply splendid!

Congratulations to all the Grade 9 students. A wonderful first try!