Dear ABIS Families,

Although we are coming to the end of this school year, the Community

Council has organized one final event: The ABIS Community Iftaar.

As Ramadan is a chance for families to gather together, it seems fit- ting that our ABIS family take the opportunity to come together for a celebration before the end of this school year. Additionally, this gives us a chance to celebrate the wonderful culture of our host country, Oman, and experience a unique tradition as an ABIS community.

The Community Iftar will take place in Mazoon on Wednesday, the 22nd of May.

Doors will be open from 6:20pm, with a pre-Iftaar lecture about Ramadan and traditions during Ramadan at 6:40 and the meal starting after the Athaan call. The evening will end around 8pm.

Those attending are asked to bring a dish to share. As we don’t want everybody bringing the same dish, we have organized food categories for different people based on surnames:

• FamilieswithsurnamesfromA-Hshouldbringfruits/vegetables.

• FamilieswithsurnamesfromI-Qshouldbringsomethingsavory.

• FamilieswithsurnamesfromR-Zshouldbringsomethingsweet.

Any questions can be directed to Ms. Eiman ( or Karen (

We hope to see you all there! Sincerely,

The ABIS Community Council