Grade 4 Week 19

This week on Wednesday we were in our Year 5 and 6 STEAM groups and made stretchers out of newspapers, string and sellotape. The stretcher had to be strong enough to hold a heavy weight. We had to use our collaborative skills, thinking skills, and designing skills. Oh...

Grade 4 Science Fair

What a wonderful few weeks of science learning to be able to create our own questions and experiments using science methods. Then to display our learning on science boards for everyone to see. Everyone really enjoyed this years Science Fair.

Grade 4 Science and Nutcracker

We have had a great week of getting ready for science fair and the Nutcracker. We created out own scientific questions and then made experiments to see/observe what would happen. We had a lot of fun after all our hard work, performing in the Nutcracker.

Grade 4 Week 11

Although it was a short week it was action packed with learning experiences. We had a great trip to Sohar Aluminum where we learned how aluminum is made and how important it is to the world. We continued on with our groups in math and reading. We also had a great...