Working together in Grade 1!

This week we’ve continued to inquire about living things. Is a tree alive? What about a turtle? A rock? What makes something living or nonliving? Stay tuned as we keep finding out!

Grade 1 adapts again!

This week we’ve returned to distance learning and Seesaw activities for a few days. Students have been practicing their reading skills and counting with arrays while demonstrating their resilience and flexibility by attending school online. Well done first graders!...

What do rocks and living things have in common?

This week we’ve transitioned from one unit of inquiry (rocks tell the story of the Earth) to another (cycles in nature depend on each other). It’s been amazing to hear the children make some connections between how rocks change and wondering why the leaves on the tree...

Rock Stories and Skip Counting

We started Sunday amazed at the salt crystals that grew over the weekend! Our week continued with story-building about the rock cycle, making towers to practice skip counting, and of course reading and writing to improve our English literacy.

Sediments and salt crystals, oh my!

One of my favorite parts of each day is when our class sings the National Anthem of Oman in the morning. The students sing boldly, and it is a lovely sight to see some with their hands up in a salute as they sing. We’ve been talking this week about respect – and...