It’s been another exciting week of doing Omani activities. We have also worked on our “I can” reading book. The children did an amazing job working together in pairs to make our diorama showing what our planet has to sustain life. The children are also naturally playing in pairs or small groups, showing how they know how to collaborate and work together when participating in their chosen play engagements.

Making date balls covered in coconut.
Fun to try this Omani snack.
Celebrations and fun in Oman week with traffic light ice blocks.
We visited ABIS Omani museum showing artifacts and crafts that the children have made
The children worked in pairs to create our diorama. Tameem and Hamood made the roads. Rayan and Zain made the water: river and sea. Layan made the clouds. Fahd and Reema made the grass.
Misk and Marco glued in the bubble wrap to represent oxygen.
Adding soil: Tameem, Henrique, Layan.
Our diorama showing our planet’s natural resources.
Collaborating and playing together.