Dear Families,

Primary students had a very exciting week! Classes across grades K1 – G6 had many special celebrations for Oman Week.  Students arrived wearing special Omani colours and clothes on Sunday to kick off the week. Students had field trips, completed special art activities, participated in traditional Omani stories, dances and music, explored aspects of the culture, history and geography of Oman and overall had wonderful learning experiences together in celebration of the beautiful country we live in. Each Primary class is contributing to our Museum of Oman, which is being created in LC3’s atrium and will be enjoyed by all students throughout next week.  Thank you to all parents who have supported teachers in planning and executing the special activities this week.  It’s so great to have parents starting to get involved again and starting to visit the campus more regularly.

Our Student Led Conferences were completed this week and we had excellent attendance overall during last week’s and this week’s appointments.  Again, it was great to have parents on campus, some of you for the very first time!  And to see students taking charge, giving tours, introducing their parents to their teachers, and explaining their learning through interactive, hands-on learning activities.  We hope you found the experience to be valuable and that you learned about your child’s achievements and next steps for growth. Students loved having their families on campus and were very excited to share their school life with you!  Thank you for your support!

Next week is our last full week of school prior to our Spring Break, which runs from March 27-31.

As always, enjoy your weekend!  Maeve