We have had an exciting week doing different activities at school. We loved going on the Playground Discovery Trail … we were Risk Takers, Communicators and Inquirer. We are also taking turns to be the teacher and play the Phonics Memory Game.

Oman Week dress-ups! Everyone looked fantastic!
Marco and Tameem being the Phonics Memory Game teacher
Playground Discovery Trail!
Being Inquirers and Risk Takers.
The Doughnut and Climbing Wall
Working together and Being Creative.
CHOOSING: We choose, explore, communicate, negotiate, collaborate, create, express!
Dressing up for Qaranqasho.
More beautiful Omani traditional clothes.
Painting clay pots.
Making clay pots.
Painting our pinch pots

Tasting Omani doughnuts
Tasting Omani bread and doughnuts
Making Necklaces
Celebrating Qaranqasho. So many sweets.