Hello everyone,

It has been such fun to have everyone back in school face to face this week. To celebrate STUCO’s Friendship Day, we started the week off with everyone dressing in red, pink and white. We thought about why we value friendship so much and how we show our friendship to our friends. We added our thoughts to strips of paper and connected these to make 1 huge paper chain to display in our classroom. A great reminder of how important friends are to us and how connected we all feel. A huge thank you to families who send in snacks to help the celebration.

In Language we are continuing the drafts of our space fiction writing and working on the use of paragraphs and editing to improve the quality.

In Mathematics we have been continuing our inquiry into angles. We looked at the life of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras or فيثاغورس (fithaghurs) in Arabic and have been perfecting our skills at measuring and drawing angles using protractors. We used online simulations to further practise our skills.

In UOI we have been starting personal inquiries – looking at 1 aspect of space that we want to dive deeper into. We will using non fiction books and building on the skills we have developed in Information Literacy to help us develop better search terms when we use internet search engines and online resources. We are curious about so much – it’s been hard to choose just 1 area to explore further.

Enjoy your weekend

G5 Teaching team