Music this week has been very enjoyable and varied across the grades. Attendance continues to be excellent with all students participating in the online learning.

Peter and the Wolf has been very popular with the students. Written in 1936 by Russian composer Prokofiev, each character in the story is introduced by a family of instruments in the orchestra. Peter is represented by the stringed instruments producing a happy sound. The grandfather is payed by the bassoon giving the idea of a slow grumpy old man. Further characters include the bird, duck, cat, the hunters and the wolf.

Grade 3 students have made their own instruments from junk material. The shakers and drums will be used to play a piece of samba music. I have been impressed with the students creativity and ability to explain how the instruments were made.

Grade 6 students are learning about the blues as a genre of music and have listened to BB King. They have learnt the theory behind the music and will apply this to instruments on their return to school.