A new term and new challenges await..

Covid continues to cause concern but being vigilant and maintaining social distance, sanitizing and wearing masks will allow us to hopefully continue face-to-face learning.

The biggest challenge for grades 7-8 in Maths, science and indeed any subject is to accept responsibility for completing tasks, developing a habit of work and study. Reading and writing remain essential core skills to work on all the time. In science there is a fair amount of self-study and self-assessments – designed to improve language and subject specific skills.

In Maths, we have now completed a catch-up program (grade 7) and the pace of work will increase. Students are expected to do homework if they do not complete tasks in class. Some self-study in both Maths and science – just reading over the day’s work on a regular basis – will improve retention and memory recall. So please encourage this – about 15 minutes per day is sufficient.