Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome again to 2022 and to the first week back after our December break.

This week has been an interesting week with many things happening.  

Notices/ Worth Repeating

As you may know, I have been working from home these past two days. While off campus I have been in constant communication with our grade level teaching team as well as our team leader and key support staff within our school. To this effect I would like to thank everyone for their support in continuing to provide a rich programme of learning for our students. I would also like to thank our students as well because they have come back into class after a long break and have jumped right back into our routines and have been working very hard. Well done everyone and thank you.

As you will also be aware, ABIS primary school will be conducting business as usual however online as of next week. These past two days have been a good lead in with most students being able to prepare for their online learning as part of this. Most students were today able to bring home the materials that they will need for online learning however if for some reason they were unable to, these can be collected from school in the near future. I will let everyone know once pick up times have been arranged for these.

Because of the grade 6 students’ experience with online last year, I believe we are in a good place to maximize this experience as most are familiar with the use of the schools online platforms however if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out about these. We are here to help.

For photos of students hard at work learning this week please see our Grade 6 Picture page linked below.

2021 2022 Week 18 photos


This week, homework was in modified form as learners continued to read, write and focus on basic facts development in preparation for their assessments this week. So far I have almost completed the latest round of reading records and basic facts diagnostics. The results of which are looking great. More to come in reports which will be coming your way in the near future.

Reading, Writing and Inquiry

Central Idea:

Human migration is a response to challenges, risks and opportunities.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Reasons why people migrate 
  • Migration patterns 
  • The effects of migration on communities and individuals 

This week a group of students were tasked with preparing a mini workshop on migration and then presenting this to the rest of the class, to share with them their learning as well as to guide them through the very same process. Learners continued to delve into the reasons for migration, migration patterns throughout the animal kingdom (including human migration) as well as the impact of migration on communities. 

These students did a great job as leaders which bodes well for our Exhibition presentation coming up in a few months time. Well done. 

Students also completed a writing sample where they were given the prompt of “A special time with family” and asked to complete a personal recount. I am very much looking forward to marking these as they will help inform our learning programme as well as our progress reports.


This week students have studied their basic facts, completed a basic facts assessment as well as begun to look into building conceptual understanding around geometry- working with the measurement of standard metric units, (mm, cm, m, km, ml, l, km, minutes, hours etc) as well as angles. 

Visual Art

This week, as we have read our class read aloud book, students have been encouraged to sketch or ‘doodle’. This is part of our underlying year long theme of encouraging creativity and artistic expression with the students. Over the coming weeks we will continue along this vein with creative drawing as part of our learning. As part of this please see a link below to some art by Daniel Gonçalves from 1977 or research/ look up ‘scribbble art’ online for inspiration. 


For PSPE this week. Our Athletes and Swimmers have continued to work on developing their fitness and technique as well as working to complete tasks set on Seesaw.

A busy week. 

Next week:

Next week we will be in home learning mode online. I will send our usual Sunday morning email about this however as a reminder, please use our normal, standard link to attend our homeroom classes online.

Thank you. Wishing you a great weekend.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincere regards,

Your partners in learning.

The Grade 6 Teaching team

Glen Nicholson, Maryam Al Muqbali, Khadija Alornrani