When student agency is the goal, then students learn how to learn. The traditional “One size fits all” approach to learning has, understandably, left many students feeling disenfranchised especially with the online scenarios we have had over the last 18 months.

Agentic learning transforms students from passive recipients to active participants in the learning process. Agency focuses on fostering both student and teacher agency so that everyone involved has the power to act.

The three principal aspects to agentic learning are:

Initiative – Agency isn’t simply about handing over control over to the learner. It is about creating an environment where students are actively involved in their own learning;

InterdependenceStudents develop an awareness of how their decisions affect their learning, and;

Responsibility – A student learns that their decisions impact their fellow students.

Agentic learning provides students with multiple opportunities in how, when, and where they learn best. This is the focus for the grade 11 students in Physics and for the Physics and Biology students in Grade 12 as they prepare for their finals and university.