Dear Parents,

As we head into the final week before the winter break, it is good to see how teachers and students are motivated and engaged. I am sure such energy will continue until the last day on Thursday, December 16. Please ensure your child does attend school until the last day so as not to miss any classes!

Last week we had a three-day virtual visit from the Council of International Schools (CIS) who interviewed teachers, students, parents, support staff, and administration. They visited many classes virtually and saw our teachers and students actively engaging in their lessons. The CIS representatives were impressed by the school and our ABIS community. My thanks to everyone involved.

Next week 3 teachers are returning to their home countries; we are sad to be losing them as they have all have done so much for the school. Ana Scepanovic, a wonderful music teacher, Erin Rehil, a creative MYP & DP Art teacher, and Liezel Boshoff, a terrific Grade 1 teacher. They will all be missed, and we thank them for their excellent contribution to the school and community.

To teach the classes of the departing teachers, we are very fortunate to have found two excellent educators. Lucy Wray will teach Grade 1, and Linda Willms will teach MYP and DP Art. Ana’s classes will be managed by Mike and Kirsten, our current music teachers.

Tonight, we will be celebrating as a teaching community our return to school. We are gathering with our spouses and children for a special dinner as thanks for all the hard work teachers have committed to since we started the school year. I look forward to seeing all our staff and their families.

Tomorrow Nautilus is holding a swimming gala and all swimmers and parents are looking forward to it. Do come by the swimming pool if you have time to see our swimmers in action.

A reminder to check around your house for any library/schoolbooks. Margot Simonds who runs our library is keen to collect any that you may have about!

Have a great weekend.

Dominic Robeau