This week the K1 students have participated in fitness every day, dancing and followed a mini fitness circuit. They all had fun and a wonderful learning experience. They are now making connections between the healthy foods they eat and feeling fit and healthy. Next week they will put together their own books and present them to the class.

In Art the children have been completing their names which can be seen in the K1 art gallery. They have also been drawing around each other with chalk and adding eyes, hair, fingers and toes etc.

Outside the students have been exploring what it is to be fit and healthy and what they can do with their bodies. They have all been risk takers climbing, running and jumping etc. The children are beginning to reflect daily on the activities they participated in which is helping them to recognise the skills and knowledge they have been learning.

I can run fast
I can hoopla
I can stretch
I can swing
Rainbow Food Warrior
Rainbow food Warrior
Ahmed doing his ‘Wellness Warrior’ challenge