It’s been a very busy and productive week. Grade 3 were lucky enough to have guest speakers to talk about the circulatory and respiratory systems. The students learnt how to use the conventional blood pressure machine and the purpose of a peak flow meter.

After learning more about the respiratory system, through various research methods, they created and labeled their own models, talking through the different parts and the process involved.

In PE, they consolidated their understanding of how the blood moves around the body by running a relay around the circulatory system, picking up red ‘oxygenated’ bean bags and changing them for blue ‘deoxygenated’ ones. They also reinforced the effects of exercise on the body.

Earlier in the week, we completed our healthy plates, identifying foods from the six different food groups. Some students also looked at what vitamins the foods provide and discussed why it is important to have a varied and balanced diet.

We also completed our clay heart models, painting the veins, arteries and capillaries. We are so proud of the learning that has taken place in this unit and can’t wait for them to share it in a final presentation next week.