This week, in Numeracy, we continued to focus on groupings within 5 and with 5. We used a variety of manipulatives including unifix cubes. When children touch and move manipulatives or real objects while learning, it creates a sensory experience that’s much more engaging. Using concrete materials with them also helps children develop a conceptual understanding before learning abstract concepts. We also played various numeracy games in order to support children’s learning and inquiries.

This type of learning engagements encourage the students to notice the different combinations they are able to make.

Exploring unifix cubes and how to represent different number facts using unifix cubes

And more photos from our week…

Water and Sand Play: Learning about how to share and take turns when playing as well as Measurement.
The Rainbow Warriors are making sure that they have heathy food (fruits and veggies) in their lunch boxes.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Ms Nicholson and Ms Khadija