It was a sad week in Grade 3 because we said goodbye to our friends Otto and Ahsan. We will miss them very much and wish them lots of luck in the new countries and schools.

In other news this week, we have been finding our about the circulatory system. The students worked hard and showed impressive knowledge about how the heart and lungs work together to deliver oxygenated blood around the body. They even told Mr Cooper that CO2 is delivered back to lungs through the veins!

We worked with some very hard clay to make models of the heart, trying to show the true shape and parts. Ms Maryam also worked hard to glue them back together when the clay dried!!!

Congratulations to some of our students for taking part in the Nautilus Swimming Competition in Muscat. They all swam brilliantly!!!

Finally, please see read the following message from Ms Margot.

‘Recently the ABIS library has seen an influx of library books that are coming back after having been checked out up to 3 years ago! There are many books that are still missing from the library. Please take the time in the next few weeks, or during the upcoming winter break, to look through your bookshelves and children’s rooms for any ABIS library books. They may have ABIS stamps inside or out, an ABIS barcode on the back cover and/or a library spine label. We are working hard in the library to have all books marked consistently so that our users are able to locate the books they need as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance.’

Have a great long weekend! See you next Tuesday.