Dear Parents and Students,

This week has been another busy week. 

Please see below for notices and notes on our week 14 in review.


Please remember that there is homework every day except over the weekend. It is important that students are reading, writing and doing Maths practice on a daily  basis. Thank you for supporting this and for sighting and signing this every week.

Reading, Writing and Inquiry

For writing this week, among other things, students have also continued to work on personal narratives. These are a great read. Please talk with your children about these and ask them to share their story with you.

 This week students have continued to work on developing their spelling, grammar and punctuation skills as well as their reading and writing skills. As part of writing our focus has been on adding more descriptive detail to their writing. This week students have also finalised their PET bottle rocket experiments and are now working to complete their scientific reports on this.

Please see below for a link to some photos of our rocket testing event.

PET Bottle Rocket – Launch day

Well done to everyone because they put a lot of work into this and it was a great event.  

Students have also worked to complete their inquiry into the relationship between physics and flight including the use of thrust to keep heavier than air objects airborne. As part of this they have also inquired into how humans have adapted things from nature to help us in our world, this is called Biomimicry.

Please see below for a great website and video link for more detail about these.


Examples of biomimicry


This week students continued to work on developing their skills with number and multiplication facts and completed their first of a series of quick fire times tables activities developed for speed and accuracy. Our focus for this week was the 6 times table. Next we will focus on the 9 times table. Can I ask that you also please encourage and help your children to learn their multiplication tables at home as part of homework as well.

Thank you.

Visual Art

This week students have worked on developing their understanding of the different elements of art. These are Line, Shape, Form, Space, Texture, Value and Colour. They have done this through beginning a jigsaw piece of art titled ‘The Plumbers Nightmare’.

Each student will create one piece of art for this showing their ability to use the elements of art to create a realistic looking drawing of plumbing pipes.

Please see below a link to some of this artwork.

Plumbers Nightmare – 3D Visual Art


Recently the ABIS library has seen an influx of library books that are coming back after having been checked out up to 3 years ago! There are many books that are still missing from the library. Please take the time in the next few weeks, or during the upcoming winter break, to look through your bookshelves and children’s rooms for any ABIS library books. They may have ABIS stamps inside or out, an ABIS barcode on the back cover and/or a library spine label. We are working hard in the library to have all books marked consistently so that our users are able to locate the books they need as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance.”

Worth Repeating

Please remember your…

  • That next week is a short week as we observe Sunday and Monday as Public Holidays. I look forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday. I wish you a safe and enjoyable 4 day weekend.
  • Hat, Water bottle, Ipad charged, PE Kit and Spare Mask…

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sincere regards,

Your partners in learning.

The Grade 6 Teaching team

Glen Nicholson, Maryam Al Muqbali