Dear parents,

This has been a busy week for many at the school as we prepare for our CIS virtual visit. ABIS was accredited by CIS in 2017 and this new visit is at the start of an 18-month process for our re-accreditation from CIS. CIS is a world-renowned regulatory body that provides membership to schools that meet their high standards. Next week we will have two CIS visitors who will spend 3 full days with us virtually, examining all aspects of ABIS. After this visit, we then begin a self-study which will take approximately 12 months. This is an excellent way for us to closely examine ABIS to determine what we do well and what areas we could improve in.

I would like to thank the Parent Committee (PC) for their work on the scope and responsibilities of the PC as follows:

  1. Act as a supporting body to the school to advise, explore and help implement ways for improvement of ABIS including the realization of the mission and vision, structural, policies, and rules. The PC is not a decision-making or rules/policies changing body.
  2. Involve parents in the school community.
  3. Help to organize activities and events during the academic year to foster parent engagement and student identification with the school, and that contribute to a good atmosphere at the school.
  4. Be the point of contact for parents about wider school topics (not individual basis). Any matter that deals with the individual needs of children must be directed to the concerned teacher or ABIS leaders. The PC will not be able to help any individual academic issues.
  5. Collaborate with the Student Council to organise events and activities that significantly involve the school community and/or have an impact on the local community.
  6. Support marketing efforts to attract more students and create awareness about ABIS.
  7. Parent Committee members can be contacted by new parents who are interested in the school. This is to share experiences and answer questions.

Our wonderful ABIS library staff are conducting an audit of books and have found that there are books that have not been returned to the school. Please do check at home if you have any books that should be returned to ABIS.

Please note that this is a long weekend, with school resuming on Tuesday, November 30.

Enjoy your holiday!

Dominic Robeau