Dear parents,

Today was an important day as we celebrated the graduation of our Grade 12 students. All came in with their parents individually and attended a ceremony that we broadcast live to their family and friends. It was a day of joy and celebration for these students and their families, a culmination of 12 years of schooling and now they are ready to move out into the world with confidence.

I congratulate our Grade 12 students graduating in what has been a most challenging year. That they did so with confidence and good nature is testament to the commitment of these students and their parents in supporting them. Well done!

We have received permission from the Ministry of Education to continue online until the end of the year, Thursday June 17. While a return to face-to-face school was only a remote possibility, we felt that parents and students needed certainty for the rest of the year. Therefore, for these last few weeks of school we will continue to be online and use the current timetable with the school day finishing at 2pm.

I am certainly aiming for a return next year to face to face learning and hope to start the next academic year normally.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dominic Robeau