We have been learning about water and sharing it with others. We are looking at the water cycle and this week we focused on evaporation. We are busy with an experiment called ” the disappearing drink”. The students each put a cup of water outside and every day we notice that the water is becoming less. We will continue to observe our cups next week. The student have quite a few ideas of what is happening to the water.

We are also looking at how we share water with living things:

  • The children did research this week to find out more about Turtles. What they need to live? ( eat,habitat,shelter, fun facts) 

Learner Profile:  Principled and Reflective

  • We have been looking at the choices we make while sharing resources(water) – thinking about what we can do to save water.

  • We took advantage of the cool weather this week and went to do some writing outside.

In Math we’ve been focusing on fractions. We made pizzas and cut it in half and made cupcakes, sharing half with a friend.