This week as part of their transition into the IB Diploma, Grade 10 mathematicians were continuing to develop their problem solving and communication abilities. The activities have all looked at different aspects of sequences. This will be the first unit they will investigating in Grade 11, both strands.

The two tasks were

  • The handshake problem
  • Radioactive M&M’s

The first allowed multiple approaches to arrive at a generalization and the second led to an exponential graph when the plotted their results. For the graph they could consider what was happening at each stage and why it looked like it did.

Grade 10 have had further information shared with them on the two strands

  • Application & Interpretation
  • Analysis & Approaches
  • This includes the syllabi’s & guides. This has been shared via the ABIS math website. This will be further updated as and when new information becomes available form the International Baccalaureate.