ABIS is launching a book collection to encourage students to read in their mother tongue and celebrate multilingualism. Starting in November and continuing until the end of the school year, you will be able to donate books, in different languages, which you no longer want. We are especially looking for books in Afrikaans, Arabic, Dutch, French, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog but other languages are also useful. We hope that we can collect enough books to create an Additional Languages books section in LC1.
You might have noticed the boxes around school, near reception and in LC1 downstairs, where you can place books. When donating books, please check that they are in good condition and are appropriate to the age and cultural background of our school community. All genres are accepted: novels, poetry, picture books, comics, graphic novels, dictionaries, reference books etc.
Please contact Francoise Cerdan (f.cerdan@abisoman.com) or Amira Hachem (a.hachem@abisoman.com) for information about the initiative.