End of Year show
Last night’s Olympic themed show was a great success. The songs and dances and band tunes framed by an educational commentary and a smashing beginning and a beautiful ending were a pleasure to see. Credit to Miss Camp for coming up with the idea and planning the format with Mr G.

The dancers excelled. They handled glitches such as missing students, music errors and forgotten cues and steps with grace and aplomb. The students clearly loved demonstrating a variety of sports through dance moves. The IGCSE dancers deserve particular accolades – Anton for choreographing much of the dance himself while I was away and all of them for having the commitment and willingness to turn up for rehearsals without me and then for extra practices when I returned. They provide brilliant examples of what makes students successful – commitment, dedication, and a willingness to understand the bigger picture. 

What the audience may not realise is that this year, the students from grade six and up were very involved in creating their dances. After choosing the sport and the music from a list provided by the teacher, the students created motifs and patterns which were then used in the dance. A few extra movements and most of the floor pathways were teacher suggestions but the students were provided the opportunity to put in their own ideas and suggestions, several of which were adopted.

Grades two through five were encouraged to choose their sport from a provided list and were asked to think of steps. Grades K3 and one were provided with their sports and moves – and weren’t they just the cutest? 
Overall it was a lovely way to end the school year before Ramadan started. Over the next few weeks, students will be reflecting on what they have learned in dance, having a little fun, and spending some significant time on choreographic techniques and improvisation.

Videos courtesy of Mrs Willis have been taken, at present they are being uploaded onto Youtube via ipad – and a glitch means they may not all be uploaded before this post goes out. At present one video has been stuck for a couple of hours! Make sure you come back and check later for all of them!

Happy weekend

Ms Saunders

http://youtu.be/FOUq910-xf0 k3 dance synchronised swimming

http://youtu.be/XGYX1d-m7Js olympics beginning 

http://youtu.be/N–I9VhcE9E grade 1 swimming dance

http://youtu.be/6dgfk-x5Z2g grade 2 running dance