Hello everyone,

What a busy week we have had this week in Grade 5.

In Mathematics we have been exploring 3D shapes, using the correct terminology: faces, edges and vertices. We analysed the difference between pyramids and prisms. We challenged ourselves to create 3D structures using toothpicks and marsh-mellows.

In Language we have been finalising our persuasive arguments and will be debating them next week – watch this space to find out who wins the debates about whether we believe we should to allow (or not) class pets, football at lunches and mobiles in primary!

In Unit our summative task was to research, shop for and cook a meal that included a main course and dessert. We had the most fun shopping at Lulus and then cooking the meal as a team. We then graded ourselves on how local our food was…..whether it was from Oman, GCC, Asia or the Rest of the World. The highlight was eating the delicious food we cooked. We are excited to share all our work in the G5/G6 assembly next Thursday. Here is a link to all the photos from the day https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1mERXTduklhoSvn6qrAL6V66XEs7NjeVL?usp=sharing

Have a wonderful weekend

G5 Teaching Team