Thank you so much to all of our Grade 5 parents for supporting your children in all of our events this week as ABIS celebrated Book Week this week. On Sunday we dressed as words, on Monday we dressed as twins, triplets or teams as the whole school took part in 25 minutes of DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) as this year celebrated 25 years of World Book Day, Tuesday we wore our Genre Hats and Wednesday we dressed as book characters! Grade 5 were AMAZING and should be very proud of themselves. We hope you enjoy our BOOK WEEK SLIDESHOW!

In Language we continued with our persuasive essays ready to debate our issues after the Eid holiday. In Maths we explored 2D and 3D shapes and enjoyed a teams STEAM challenge to create our own ABIS Town display with different Wilayats focusing on specific shapes or lines to create their area of ABIS Town. It was also a busy week in Unit as we let students choose their own teams ready for the Great Grade 5 Cook Off which will be taking place the week we return to school. With guidance from their mentors, dishes were chosen for a main course and dessert, recipes were written, menus were designed and shopping lists were created and are ready to go for when our Teams visit Lulu’s to shop for their ingredients on Sunday 8th May. (Please make sure everyone has full school uniform on this day as we are representing ABIS)

We wish you all a joyful Eid and many celebrations with your families.

G5 Teaching Team