Dear Families,

Please enjoy the upcoming Spring break with your family.  Some people are traveling while others will relax at home.  Either way, I hope our students and teachers will recharge and come back to school in April ready to tackle the last part of our school year.

When we return to school on Sunday, April 3 we will begin our Ramadan timetable.  Students will finish school at 2pm every day until the end of Ramadan.  If your child is fasting, we thank you for informing Ms. Eiman of your decision and also to indicate whether he/she will participate in Music or PE classes.  Music and PE classes will continue according to the usual schedule.

We look forward to having parents back on campus after the break. Parents are now invited to enter the campus in the mornings to bring their children to the playground, and again to pick them up after school from their respective buildings.

Please visit the ABIS stall at the Food Exhibition over the weekend!   If you are staying in Sohar for the week, you may be interested in attending the Earth Hour celebration at the Crowne Plaza on March 26.  Details are pictured below.

Enjoy the break!  Maeve