Dear parents,

This week we have been busy with Oman week in the Primary. The students have had great fun, and excellent learning has taken place. It’s wonderful to see the children so excited by the activities in their homerooms. Thank you to all the teachers who have worked so hard to ensure students enjoyed this Oman week!

We were very pleased that Al Kawkaba school visited our Grade 4 students this week. The visiting students learned about ABIS and shared stories, performances, and music with our students, making this a special time for all. Thank you to the parents who assisted in preparing for this special day with a wonderful banner that greeted the students when they arrived.

Next week Oman week begins for Secondary students who are also doing a variety of activities. Our best wishes for a successful and fun Oman week to all the students and teachers in Secondary.

Congratulations to Lizzie Wray who launched her IB Diploma Art exhibition last night. She has created truly thought-provoking artwork for her exhibition! This exhibition is a requirement for all IB Diploma students who study Visual Arts, and Lizzie has certainly demonstrated her strong artistic talent. To go along with her exhibition, the Grade 11 IB Diploma Visual Art students also exhibited their work and we were fortunate to enjoy the music of our IB Diploma students who played at the start of the evening. Thank you to all involved.

Thank you to all of the primary students and teachers who contributed towards the creation of the annual Oman week museum which is in the LC3 atrium. The museum is a wonderful collection of art and artifacts of Omani culture.

We are in the process of creating brief parent and student video testimonials for ABIS. These videos will be placed on our website and across our social media platforms. We are looking for parents to be involved so please contact me if you would like to take part. If you would like your child involved in the students’ testimonials, please contact me on Sunday.

On Sunday a survey will be sent to all parents on enrolment for next year. Could you please fill this in soon as this will assist us in our planning.

During Ramadan the school will be following a revised timetable just as we did last year. For all students, the school will finish at 2.00 pm Sunday to Wednesday (except KG 1 which finishes at 1.00 pm) and 1.00 pm on Thursday. A form has been distributed to parents to nominate if your child who is fasting during Ramadan will participate in PE and Music.  Please ensure this form is returned before Ramadan.

We will be hosting an Iftar dinner in the last week of Ramadan on Wednesday. Please keep this evening free as we will be looking forward to having all the ABIS community join us for this special celebration. More details will be shared after the school break.

I am very pleased to say that all recruitment for next year has been completed and we have again been very fortunate in getting excellent and highly experienced teachers to join us. More will be shared closer to the end of this year as next year’s homeroom teachers and advisors are assigned.

At the end of next week, the school will be on a one-week break. The school will resume on Sunday, April 3.

Have a great weekend!

Dominic Robeau