Grade 11 TOK students have been working for the last two weeks on selecting objects for their exhibition.  The TOK Exhibition is one of two assessed works in this course (the other being the TOK Essay which will take place in Grade 12).  The exhibition is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how TOK thinking and concepts apply in a real world context.  Students have selected one of 35 prompts and will now select three real life objects in order to express their thinking in relation to the prompt.  The goal is to analyze abstract TOK ideas through the use of each concrete object.  The writing prompts are essentially knowledge questions such as why do we seek knowledge or to what extent is certainty attainable?  Objects can be physical or digital but should be specific and of personal interest to the student.  The TOK Exhibition will be submitted as a single document of no more than 950 words and will be internally assessed before being submitted to the IB for moderation.