There was a buzz in the air among students this afternoon. After COVID related delays, Oman Week events are just around the corner; students are getting excited. The activities and trips scheduled for March 22 and 23 have been allocated based on student interest rather than strictly based on grade level. Thus students in each grade will participate in different trips and activities, coming together as a class to create a documentary of the events and share their videos on March 24 in our Oman Week Film Festival! We are looking forward to seeing and sharing these with our parent community. Please look for permission slips to be brought home early next week.

Thanks to all the families who came to ABIS over the past two days for student led conferences. In addition to reflecting on their learning and sharing it with parents, students also gain a great deal of confidence when the use this annual opportunity to practice public speaking in a safe and supportive environment. I witnessed many parents who showed great support and asked probing questions to help draw out their child’s understanding. It is also good for teachers to interact with parents as well. It is difficult to build a collaborative relationship between parents and the school unless we can have you on campus… and we are so pleased you came!

We are very proud of our Arabic teachers and students this week. We sent several students to compete in memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran. Congratulations to Lamar in Grade 7 for earning 10th place in the contest with more than 300 schools represented. We also saw a strong result from Dura and Al Baraa in Grade 6.  Please see Ms. Zuweina’s message this week to see the placements of all students.

We will continue to be vigilant about following protocols at school in order to protect our entire community from illness. If your child is sick please do not send them to school.  and see a doctor for either a PCR test if required, or written approval from the doctor stating that the child is well and can safely attend school. While we are finally seeing the restrictions lift and are thrilled to be at school in person and inviting parents, we will continue to do so with the health and wellness of everyone.  Your support is very much appreciated.