Dear Primary Families,

How wonderful it was to have parents back on campus yesterday and today for our Student Led Conferences.  The children were very excited about sharing their learning with their parents and introducing them to their teachers.  I saw a lot of very happy faces from students, parents and teachers.  Some of the parents were challenged by their children to complete activities and many families got their first tour of our lovely campus and grounds.  It was the first time for me to meet most of you, and I truly enjoyed beginning to connect students with parents. Thank you to everyone who attended for the ongoing support and teamwork in helping your child to be happy and successful at school.

We are very proud of our Arabic teachers and students this week.  ABIS has placed very well in the annual Holy Quran Competition.  All participating students did extremely well, and many of our students placed in winning slots, including Dura from grade 6 who secured first place in the memorization category.  Congratulations to all, and to our teachers Ms. Amal and Ms. Sahar for their extra hours spent preparing the students.  Please see Ms. Zuweina’s message this week to see the placements of all students.

Our Primary coffee morning also occurred this week, and again it was very good for me to start to meet and chat with some of you face to face.  As always, you can reach me via email, but certainly it is always better talking in person.  I look forward to our next Primary coffee morning.  We will inform you in advance of the date so you can attend.

Grade 2 had to move online this week due to a close case Covid situation.  Teachers moved swiftly to provide digital learning and the students handled the transition very well.  We are happy to bring grade 2 back in person on Sunday.  Parents of grade 2: Your child can have a PCR or a RAT as of tomorrow (Friday, March 11) and if negative, please send a copy of the results to Ms. Eiman so that we can keep accurate records.

We will continue to be vigilant about following protocols at school in order to protect our entire community from illness.  If your child is sick please do not send them to school, and see a doctor for either a PCR test if required, or written approval from the doctor stating that the child is well and can safely attend school. While we are finally seeing the restrictions lift, and are thrilled to be at school in person and inviting parents, we will continue to do so with the health and wellness of everyone.  Your support is very much appreciated.

Next week is Oman Week in Primary!  We are doing things slightly differently than Primary and our Oman Week may extend for up to 2 weeks. Each teacher (homeroom and specialist) is incorporating the culture, history, geography and language of Oman into learning and many special activities are planned. Some classes are taking field trips, which is exciting after 2 years of not being able to extend learning outside the school walls. Throughout the week, classes will be contributing to our “Museum of Oman”, which we are building for the second year.  It is a culmination of learning from each grade and beautiful displays of student work will be added throughout this school week, with classes from all grades being able to visit and appreciate the space throughout the second week.  The “Museum of Oman” will be in the Atrium of LC3.  If you are on campus, please take a moment to enjoy it.

As always, I thank all parents for their collaboration and support. The weather is starting to heat up, so I encourage you to get outside and enjoy the weather this weekend while it’s still pleasant.  Maeve