Dear Families,

I am excited about the upcoming week at ABIS.  After 2+ years of parents not being allowed on campus, we are finally able to begin inviting you back.  Having been here for 1.5 years myself and still not knowing the parent community well, I very much look forward to the following events: Student Led Conferences and Coffee Mornings at ABIS.

Student Led Conferences are an excellent opportunity for students to reflect and articulate on learning to this point and to share that with you in a personal and meaningful way. Parents have the chance to interact with their children in their own learning environments, to ask questions, to see examples of work, to explore the campus and the classrooms and to meet teachers.  Please plan to spend approximately 20-30 minutes in Primary homerooms, with the option of your child giving you a tour and introducing you to specialist teachers also.  If you have not already signed up for a slot, please do so here:  Student Led Conference Sign Up Sheets

Coffee Mornings will start next week at ABIS.  These are informal get togethers, done by grade clusters, so that parents can meet each other, Mr. Robeau and me. I’m really looking forward to putting some faces to names and connecting parents with their children through conversation.  Please plan to attend if you can.  Invitations have been sent out as follows:

  • KG1 – G2 Parents: Monday, March 7 from 9 – 10am
  • Grades 3-4 Parents: Tuesday, March 8 from 9 – 10am
  • Grades 5-6 Parents: Wednesday, March 9 from 9 – 10am

Please wish Ms. Sahar and her team of Primary students success as they compete in the Quran competition this year.  Traditionally, ABIS students perform very well during this event.  We wish them the best of luck and will keep you informed of their progress.

Today we had a visit from the Ministry of Education: Dr. Khadija Al Salami, Deputy Director-General, of the Directorate General of the Private School of the MOE, was able to spend some time on our lovely campus and had the opportunity to interact with some classes.  She was very happy with her classroom visits, and commented on how the students were so careful about following health and safety protocols, as well as their excellent behaviour.  This was her first time at ABIS and she was clearly impressed with our facilities and with the teaching and learning she witnessed throughout the morning.  Well done students and, teachers and faculty of ABIS!

As always, I wish you a relaxing weekend with your families.  I look forward to seeing all of you next week.  Maeve