On March 9th and 10th, ABIS will host student led conferences. These are a time for students to reflect on their work to date, share their learning with their parents and discuss their goals for the remainder of the year. Please reserve these dates on your calendars. More information will be coming soon.

Grade 12s have been receiving their university acceptances. With many in the current cohort looking at Canada and the USA, the acceptances that they receive are contingent only on graduating. This is a big relief for those attending in the North America’s. For those remaining in Oman, UK or Europe, the IB exams will certainly be critical to ensure their acceptances. In the coming month, Grade 12 will be finishing their coursework and shifting to exam preparation mode. We wish them well!

As the primary students have returned, we are also pleased to see the ABIS community COVID cases declining. Many of our families experienced cases in their homes and kept the children home as a result. We know the challenges that they faced by staying at home and are so grateful that they have recovered and are returning healthy. It is truly great to have our community back together.