Hello everyone,

We have had a fun packed week of learning again in G5.

In Mathematics we have been inquiring into temperature: how we measure it using degrees; the different units of Celsius and Fahrenheit; how we read scales with numbers missing and how we use positive and negative numbers. We have used all of our number skills to calculate the differences between in temperatures in cities around the world and on other planets. Some planets are very cold!

In Language & Unit we have been exploring what makes a great hook paragraph for a space story, as well as how to use images to help us write detailed descriptions of settings and characters. We have been expanding our technical space vocabulary using a shared resource on Padlet.

In Art we enjoyed finding out about the start of the Chinese lunar new year celebration and made dragons, and tigers and rabbits to celebrate our symbol in the Chines calendar. We used our knowledge of the Sun and its shadows to create “ShadowArt.”

Enjoy your weekend

G5 Teaching team