Hello everyone,

This week G5 have moved smoothly to online learning. The students have been amazing, with great attendance and showcasing their time-keeping, technical and troubleshooting skills to ensure their learning continues well.

In Language we have been exploring the structure of fiction story writing and using research skills in Unit to find out more about how astronomers have contributed to our understanding of Earth’s place in the Universe.

In Mathematics we have been continuing our inquiry into “time,” moving from BC to AD, BCE to CE, from am to pm and converting from 12 hour to 24 hour clocks and analogue to digital time.

In Unit we have been inquiring into all the different aspects that make up our universe, there has been lots of new vocabulary and excitement to discover even more. We used drama and models to explain both the Moon’s orbit of the Earth and the Earth’s orbit of the Sun and have been applying specific technical vocabulary – even making our own glossary books.

In Art we explored the techniques used in “Starry Night” by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, using the pointillism technique to created our own zoomed in section and then created collaborative versions of his original.

Have a wonderful weekend

G5 Teaching team