Dear Families,

Please remember to send any and all books belonging to ABIS back to school.  There are still many library books and classroom readers missing and we would love to be able to catalogue them and use them with students.  Thank you.

We are pleased to announce that the Primary swimming program will continue after the winter break.  Students from grades 1-6 will swim on the same days as currently in their schedules.  KG1 and KG2 students will begin swimming on Wednesday mornings. The Nautilus coaches will continue to support the swim lessons in January. It is important that students wear goggles and a swim cap.  Goggles are important because of the health of the students: they prevent eye infections. Swim caps are important because of the health of our pool: hair clogs the filtration system.  Swim caps also make learning to swim easier, especially for students with longer hair that falls into eyes.  Please ensure that your child has goggles and a swim cap in order to safely participate in the swim program.  We appreciate your cooperation.

Kindergarten 2 students from Ms. Ancilla’s and Mrs. Nicholson’s classes will begin full days after the winter break.  This is an exciting transition for the students as they move to a 3pm dismissal and have more time working to prepare for Grade 1. Please ensure that you have made arrangements for your KG2 child to be picked up at 3pm, and remember to pack enough food for them for a full school day beginning on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022. Kindergarten 1 students from Ms. Celine’s class will continue to dismiss at 1pm.

As you are now aware, we will say goodbye to our grade 1 teacher, Ms. Liezel Boshoff, next week.  We are very sad to be losing her at ABIS, but we wish her all the very best as she returns to South Africa with her family.  We are extremely fortunate to have Mrs. Lucy Wray to replace her.  Lucy is a fully qualified teacher who has been working in many different capacities at ABIS this year.  Her passion is working with young children and she has been in the class already, getting to know the students and the routines, in preparation for January.

Sadly, we will also say goodbye to Mrs. Ana Scepanovic next week. She has been working with grades 5-8 this school year. Ms. Kirsten and Mr. Mike are stepping in to fill her shoes and will be doing some percussion work with the older group, while the grade 5 students will have band and ukelele.  We are lucky to have such talented teachers able to step in and provide ongoing quality learning in our music program.

As you are aware, next week is the final week of school for the 2021 year.  I feel so fortunate to spend my working days in the ABIS community, and this year, being face to face every day, has been even more wonderful than last.  I am grateful for the support of parents, and for the energy and joy that the students bring to my life each day.  Please be sure to travel safely and continue to take health precautions throughout the holiday, and find some time to relax with your family. Students will celebrate the last school day of 2021 with a school wide Pajama Day!  Please allow your child to come to school dressed in appropriate pjs next Thursday, December 16.