Hello everyone,

Well it’s been a short week but a busy one in G5.

In Mathematics we have been starting to explore division and how we can transfer the skills we learned in Multiplication to help us make division easier.

In Language we have been using and applying our knowledge of instruction writing to assess instructions and then write our own. We have chosen to write instructions for each other about how to draw things, make origami and different foods. We are writing the instructions and adding multimedia images and videos to enhance the readers’ understanding.  It’ll be fun to test out these instructions next week. Thanks to Faisal who made 40+ origami boats for everyone as part of his instruction inquiry.

In Unit and Art we have finished our 3rd carousels inquiring into movement art and Newton’s 3rd Laws. We will be applying all these skills next week when we design Rube Goldberg machines. We are encouraging everyone to bring in parts of games ( eg dominoes, Jenga, Lego, marbles, balls, toy cars) and recyclable materials ( eg kitchen rolls, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, straws etc) to use in their designs.

Have a great weekend

G5 Teaching team