After School Activities begin on Sunday.  The sign up sheets have been completed and you can check the schedule here:  ASAs   Please remember the following guidelines in order tor the program to be successful for everyone:

  • ASAs begin at 3:10pm, allowing time for students to transition from classes to the location of the activity
  • ASAs end at 4pm.  Parents must arrange transportation for students participating in after school activities.  Buses will continue to depart at the usual time of 3pm.
  • Students will be picked up at the gate as usual at 4pm after the activities have finished. Please pick your child up on time.
  • Activities will run from November 21 until Dec. 15, resuming again on January 16, 2022.
  • Repeated absences from an activity will result in a child being removed so that someone from the waiting list can take their place.

Do you know anyone who would like to contribute to our After School Activity program?  We would love to expand the options for our students by having parents or other members of the community involved.  If you are keen to offer and supervise an activity during our next round of activities in the spring, please let us know.  Ideas might include: chess, cooking, dance, sports, art, languages or any other interesting skills you might wish to share with our students.