Grade 11 DP History students have accomplished much over the past few weeks.  Research for the Internal Assessment historical investigation is in full swing and students have selected a wide variety of engaging topics.  It has been very rewarding to work with them as they seek to refine and narrow the scope of their research questions.  We have designated time to work in class every week during IA Tuesday.

Additionally, our class has recently completed our comprehensive case study of Japanese expansion from 1931 to 1941.  This is one of three case studies that we will examine as part of our prescribed topic, The Move to Global War.  Students will now have a chance to demonstrate their learning on an IB-style Paper One exam.  The exam will be this Sunday, November 14th.  We have been busy revising our notes and discussing feedback all this week.  Please encourage your child to spend some time finalizing their preparation this weekend.  I look forward to seeing their hard work pay off on the exam!