Dear Families,

Thank you all for attending Three Way Conferences last week.  We had almost all our families attend in Primary, and it was wonderful for the children to be able to introduce their teachers and their learning spaces to their parents. I was very happy to meet many of you face to face for the first time. We are thinking about more ways to share our campus and your child’s learning with you in the future.

We are excited to offer After School Activities at ABIS starting November 21st. These activities are hosted by teachers and run from 3:10 – 4pm on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. A variety of activities are offered for all grades 1-12 and a sign up sheet will be sent home via Newsflash on Sunday, November 14th. While we are still carefully maintaining social distance  and grade level bubbles while learning indoors, it is great that we can start to “burst the bubbles” while students play outside and during ASAs. The kids have had a fantastic week with the freedom of eating and playing in the outdoor areas of their choice. It’s certainly been a step in the right direction.

We had our first week of catered lunches at ABIS this week.  The delivery worked very smoothly and I heard lots of the children commenting on the food.  Our custodians were clever and took any leftovers out of the containers before Como Catering picked them up and our goats got well fed this week too. Please remember to send cutlery with your child to eat the catered lunches with, and if you would prefer that they take the leftovers home you can send in your own reusable container.  We are pleased that this is a “green” operation, and we are sending the message to our students that we care about our earth by not using disposable or one-use cutlery and containers.

Please remember that next week is the National Day of Oman!  We invite all students and staff to dress in traditional Omani clothing, or to wear the national colours (red, white and green).  The children love this day so please help them partake in the fun next Thursday, November 18. The declared holiday for National Day will be on Sunday and Monday, November 28 & 29, and ABIS will be closed those 2 days.

As always, be sure to contact me or your child’s teacher(s) if you have any questions about learning or what is happening at school. Maeve