Hello everyone,

We have launched our new unit of inquiry this week by looking at different provocations for Mathematics,Language and Unit.

In Mathematics we were looking at what we already know about multiplication and division and times tables. We raised questions and set targets for ourselves.

In Language we finished our Human Rights Biographies and have now started looking at reading and writing instructions. We started off with deliberately terrible instructions and were able to reflect about what makes a “good quality” set of instructions. We had 2 attempts to draw minions and the 2nd way was definitely much easier to follow!

In Visual Art we focussed on creating different shades of colours with paint and techniques to show movement and 3D in our work.

In Unit we have been watching videos to provoke our thinking about our new unit – we have great fun enjoying the machines in this video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vuZe2cKcGexdpTLrh-MZYVUab9mCCXCz/view?usp=sharing 

Please remember to sign up for 3 way conferences on Monday 8 November 3:20 – 5:40, Tuesday 9 November  3:20 – 5:40 and Thursday 11 November 1:40 – 3:40 Link to Ms Rachel’s conference sheet     Link to Ms Deb’s conference sheet 

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. We appreciate your support.

Warm regards,

The Grade 5 Teaching Team