Visual art students in Grade 11 have finished some preparatory work in their first unit, and are now beginning to put some of their ideas into practice. They have begun creating their first “finished” artworks that follow their chosen conceptual themes. These first pieces will be graded, but it is the detailed feedback they will receive afterward that will be most useful in helping them understand how to improve and which areas will need more attention moving forward.

In this program, artworks are assessed against the IB exhibition criteria, strands B (technical competence) and C (conceptual qualities). That means there is an equal focus on the students’ ideas as well as on the “quality” of their completed work; this technical competence is further broken down into skilled use of the elements and principles of art, as well as control over the chosen materials and techniques.

So far, students have been experimenting with acrylic, black drawing ink, and spray paint according to their personal interests. Watch this space for more updates!