Dear parents,

Another week has passed, and the children and teachers are settling well into school life. We changed how students experienced lunch time and this has been a positive step for all. Once the weather cools down enough, we will change back to students having lunch outside.

The participation in the food catering survey was high, thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. 74% of parents said they will use the Como food options. Of this number, 66% said they will use the service for at least 4 days a week and 30% would use the service at least 2 days a week. Based on this survey, we have reached out to Como to begin planning the catering

I am very pleased to say that we have almost 100% vaccination among our students aged 12 and above, and all our staff are vaccinated. Our safety and health protocols are being followed and we hope this year will continue incident free. Thank you to all parents who are displaying caution and care by keeping their child home when unwell.

The new relationship with Alpha Football Academy is an excellent development for all students. The academy is offering an introductory special on registration for our students which includes Alpha training kits (2 sets) for free. I hope parents will consider enrolling their child/ren in the programme. Please go their website here, and you can register here.

Please note that on the school calendar Thursday September 30th is a teacher professional development day and is a student free day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dominic Robeau