Dear parents,

We have had a good week and students are doing well in their learning. Every day I like to drop into classes and see the students, it is always of great interest to me to see the variety of activities taking place in their classes. The students appear to be happy and engaged. I commend them on their behaviour as they are all friendly and polite, epitomising what it means to be an ABIS student.

We have been monitoring lunchtimes closely and next week will implement a different lunchtime for students with all students eating inside the buildings in their learning areas. After they have finished eating, Primary school students have been allocated indoor areas such as the Mazoon, the sports hall and the library for the duration of lunch. They will be rotated through these areas as we must ensure that students are kept separate from other grade levels due to our safety and health protocols. We ask for students and parents support for these changes until the weather cools down. An email explaining the changes have been sent to all parents.

Thank you to all those parents who attended the Parent Information Evenings. This was a successful evening and different from normal as teachers gave their presentations twice so that parents could attend more than one grade level and/or choose a time that suited them best. If you did not manage to make the evening, please reach out to your child’s teacher for their presentation.

We have an exciting development in the signing of an agreement with Alpha Football Academy to coach on our sports field. They are an experienced group and are offering our students a discount. Please go their website here, and you can register here.

Please note that Wednesday October 27 – Sunday October 31 are student free days. All students will return to school on Monday November 1. You can find the school calendar here.

School clothing is available, and students should be wearing at least one item of ABIS clothing while at school. Please go to our online shop to purchase here.

Finally, this week we had some visitors who came to the carpark in front of ABIS, however they did not come inside!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dominic Robeau