Dear Families,

We are so pleased to welcome students back to school in person this coming Sunday, August 29.  By now you will have received communications from your child’s teacher(s), and from the school, about the procedures and protocols for everyone to return in a safe and healthy manner.  Please talk to your child at home before Sunday about the importance of social distancing and wearing a mask, as well as other things like not sharing food, washing hands frequently, etc…  Of course, teachers will also be helping students to get back into the routines of safely learning together, and we will be following our health and safety guidelines rigorously.  It will take diligence and practice, but we want to remain face to face, and the health and wellness of our students and staff is our number one priority.

Morning drop off:  Students should arrive between 7:40 – 8am each morning. Please do not drop your child early, as we need to make sure they are properly supervised upon arrival, and each individual must have a temperature check and sanitize their hands before entry. You received a Newsflash today detailing the parking and drive through drop off routines.  Thank you for following them carefully, and for keeping the safety and convenience of all our ABIS community in mind in the mornings.

Please make sure that your child has some extra masks in their schoolbag, and ensure that young students have child-sized masks that fit properly.  An adult mask will not work for small children. Everyone will need a full water bottle, a hat for the sun and enough food and snacks to last the school day. And of course, appropriate clothing, preferably ABIS branded.  If you need to order new ABIS clothing for your child, you can do so online at this link:  ABIS Shop

You have already seen your child’s weekly schedule, so are aware of which days PE happens.  On PE days, please ensure that your child wears PE clothing to school. This must include appropriate sports shoes. At this time, students do not have access to changing facilities. They should also bring a FULL water bottle and a hat to all lessons. For safety reasons, students will not be able to participate without these items and appropriate attire. Our PE teachers thank you in advance for ensuring students are comfortable and can participate happily in our sports program.

We have had lots of interest from new families in our school this week, which is great news for the ABIS community.  We are so pleased to welcome new and returning students back and we can’t wait to see the campus full of life again.  I will see you at the drop off gate on Sunday morning!  As always, feel free to email me for any clarifications.

Here’s to a great school year together!  Maeve