Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that the last week of our school year is approaching.  It’s been a year of growth, collaboration and learning for everyone, and as we reflect on our time we can all be proud of our accomplishments.  We have successfully navigated a year that will be noted in history books! Encourage your child, or your whole family, to record thoughts and feelings during this unique time of Covid and how it has affected different areas of our lives. There have been negatives and positives for everyone due to Coronavirus, and it would be an interesting challenge for families to document their personal journeys.  Some ideas are: journals, scrapbooks, videos or creating a time capsule to bury or lock away, not to be opened until high school graduation, or 10 years from now.  It could be a fun and creative summer project for your family to enjoy together.

Thank you to everyone who returned school materials and books this week.  We are especially grateful to have our books returned for students to continue to enjoy and share in future years. If you were unable to return materials this week but still have books, white boards, recorders or instruments at home, please bring them to school and give them to the guard any time during the coming week.  Thank you very much for your assistance in keeping quality learning materials in the hands of our students. Please note: student notebooks/work samples not picked up by next Thursday will be thrown out in order for proper cleaning of storage spaces over summer.

As you are aware, report cards will be shared with you on Wednesday, June 16.  You will receive an email informing you when the final document is ready on ManageBac.  If you have any difficulties accessing your child’s report, please contact Mr. Atul:

Our last day of school is next Thursday, June 17. Some classes are having celebrations or sharing achievements prior to that day because of several students leaving early, but classes will continue according to the regular schedule until 1pm next Thursday.  As always, please read the weekly Sunday communication from your child’s teacher for any details pertaining specifically to the homeroom classes. Unless you are traveling early, please encourage your child to continue attending classes regularly until the last day of school, and to enjoy the structured time spent with teachers and classmates.

As always, contact me or your child’s teachers with any questions, and let’s enjoy this final week of our school year together!  Maeve