Dear parents,

We have now finished the week and I am sure that students and parents are all looking forward to the holidays at the end of next week. School reports will be issued on Wednesday via email and the students will finish school on Thursday at the normal time.

Thank you for filling in the parent survey, 144 families responded and the results will be shared in the school annual report. Overall, it does appear that families are pleased with the school this year and believe we have done well. Thank you for your continued confidence in ABIS.

The yearbook and the school annual report will be published early next week, and the method of distribution will be shared on Sunday.

If your child has materials to bring back to the school, please do so at your earliest convenience. The marquee at the front of the school will be open. Please do check with your child that they have returned all library books, textbooks and all school materials.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dominic Robeau