Dear parents,

We are now only two weeks away from the end of the school year and teachers and students are wrapping up for the year. With the final day of school on Thursday June 17, teachers will ensure that students are engaged and working up until then.

The ABIS yearbook has been completed and is now with the publishers, as is the schools annual report. Information on how these will be distributed to everyone will be shared next week. We expect that they will be ready in the early days of the last week of school.

We had our Grade 12 graduation last week, and as the year draws to a close both the Grade 6 and Grade 10 students will soon be graduating from their respective grades as well. While we will not be able to host a graduation ceremony for these students, we are very proud of these students for completing their primary and middle school years!

The Grade 6 exhibition has been launched and I invite you take a look (click the link) at the website displaying their work. This exhibition is a culmination of a years work, and it’s a very important event for the students and teachers. We congratulate all the Grade 6 students for this fabulous exhibition!

The annual parent survey has been sent out to the ABIS community to provide feedback to the school. This survey is an important measure of how the school is seen by our families. It will take about 5 minutes to fill out and is easy to use and understand. We would appreciate your feedback and hope all families will use this survey to provide us with feedback.  Please click this to access the survey

Enjoy your weekend!

Dominic Robeau