Dear Families,

It is hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks of school left in this interesting and unique year! Students remain engaged in learning and teachers are continuing to gather evidence of growth over the year as they begin to prepare year end report cards.  Please continue to read the Sunday emails from teachers carefully and ensure that your child is attending classes and completing tasks as required and on time. Thank you all for your continued support from home as lots of excellent learning continues to happen in all classes.

You can expect your child’s report card to be shared on Wednesday, June 16.  The last day of school will be Thursday, June 17.

ABIS will definitely remain online until the last day of school, June 17.  It is unfortunate that we end another school year virtually. However, it is uplifting to hear reports from our teachers that the students remain positive and that smooth social interactions continue online.  Students are beginning to write reflections about their year and they demonstrate resilience and perseverance as well as positive memories about their experiences both face to face and online.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  Be careful in the heat as our temperatures continue to creep up.  Stay hydrated and cool!  Maeve