Dear parents,

We only have a few more weeks to go before the end of the year, so please ensure your child/ren continue to apply themselves to their studies. Report cards will be issued on the second last day of school via email as per usual.

This week the Grade 10 students complete the last of their MYP E-Assessments. I congratulate them on working hard and doing their best. Well done and take a well-deserved weekend of rest!

The Grade 12 students have their graduation next week and we are all very much looking forward to welcoming the students and their parents to the school to receive their graduation certificate and mementos. Each student will have a small ceremony with myself and Mr Jon Adams. While we cannot do this as a group, we are grateful that the students and parents can attend here in person.

The weather is certainly warming up now, and while it is hot outside, the gardens and areas around the school are looking clean and green. I am pleased with the way in which the farm is establishing itself as a place of greenery and serenity. The planting of the grass and trees make this a welcoming place for students and teachers to study, reflect and relax.

Enjoy your weekend!

Dominic Robeau